Time is like water,
and the water is cold and deep

like my own consciousness.

And time is like a picture,
Which is painted of water,

Half of it by me.

And time and the water
Flow trackless to extinction

into my own consciousness.

- Steinn Steinarr

How different we grow in a span of year or 10 years? When did time first existed and began? How did we came up with tools to count time? How did we unified the definition of time? Does time exist within us? Or is it weaved into the fabric of the universe? Time. An interesting entanglement phenomenon that I have been fascinated with, as it slowly grew in me by the second, minute and the hour. Time will always progresses forward and the experience of ‘time’ will be inconstant, making me question its origin throughout my life.

When I was five years old, I used to sit next to the window and observe my surrounding. I look up at the sky as I was filled with questions. Where did this come from? How did I end up here? Why here and nowhere else? Why a human and not anything else? What is up there in the sky? Why it changes colors? And why it’s far away us ? I was full of questions and I didn’t have any answer. And as I grew up older I gradually started to accept life as it is.Until 2 years ago, I decided to put a question mark next to everything I know. And time happened to be one of them.

As I came to know more about time,time to me is not just kept in a box called a clock it’s something much bigger than that. The nature of time is mysterious and ambiguous, the author of the book, the order of time.

You might ask, why time? My fascination first  started  when I first saw On Kawara’s Art work (One Million Years book), I saw my life as a very small segment of what we call “our history” since that day I knew that I wanted to do more of this kind of work. And in an attempt to create my own work, I created several project and tired different tried approaches in the past inspired by the concept of Time.

As I was looking and searching for other artist that worked with the concept of time, Out of time is an exhibition out happened at The Museum of Modern Art and it highlighted different artists, and the ones who stand the most to me where, The Time Keepers. Three artists developed the theme of Time in its different dimensions (the present, the past and the future) breathless, shadow, glitz-matron.

I will talk brefiely about Glaz Maton, his instillation creates a unique melody for each visitor as they are holding the installation the piece start to collect data to analyze it determine the colors of the iris, the heartbeat rate and the humidity of the hands.This data is synthesized into unique melody.its unconventional way to  create “personal time”

What interests me in the relationship between time and light is that it is self evidence, yet there is much more to look at.So moving forward, i am interested to use different theories about time as a pragmatic way to develop a system, as well as using time and light as creative mediums

As you can see here, these are some of my experiments on how to do apply both the pragmatic and the poetic sides of my interest. I wanted my projects to be more personal about my own perception. The different times of the prayer in a day. A video about segments of day.  

All of these are in an attempt to understand my reality. I want to take myself in a journey to find more answers or even more questions.